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Leadership Change

Dear Fellow Shee Atiká shareholders,

This announcement is made by Shee Atiká, Incorporated’s Board of Directors to inform you that Mr. Karl Potts is no longer employed by Shee Atiká. Because this is a personnel related matter, further details will remain private in accordance with applicable law.

For the immediate future, Ptarmica Garnick (Chief Financial Officer, Shee Atiká, Inc.) and Tim Castro (President, Shee Atiká Government Services) will share the Senior Executive leadership role and take over the roles and responsibilities of the President/CEO of Shee Atiká. Both Ptarmica and Tim have demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment to best serving our shareholders.

As your Board, one of our key responsibilities is to ensure that our mission and shared values are respected throughout the Shee Atiká family of companies. Openness, honesty, and trust are among our most closely held values and we must deliver on those values to our shareholders, staff, and clients. All of us on the Board strongly believe that together Ptarmica and Tim will continue to guide Shee Atiká on a bright path as we move forward.

Thank you,
Rob Allen, Chairman

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