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Monday is the Early Bird Deadline!

For a chance to win an Early Bird Prize, submit your Shee Atiká Proxy either electronically or in paper form so that it is received by May 9, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. ADT

Submit your Shee Atiká Proxy online at for a chance to win additional prizes. Deadline is May 19, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. ADT.

Receive a $25.00 Proxy Return Incentive if you submit your proxy by the deadline of May 19, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. ADT.

$10,000 in prizes will be awarded!

Electronic or Paper Proxies  
Received by 5/9/22
submitted at
by 5/19/22
$5,000 in Prizes:
One $1,000 Prize
Two $500 Prizes
Thirty $100 Prizes
$5,000 in Prizes:
One $1,000 Prize
Two $500 Prizes
Thirty $100 Prizes


James Craig

“I want to serve the shareholders of Shee Atiká the best way I know how. I am committed to staying informed, asking questions, and highlighting areas of opportunity. I recognize the importance of shareholders staying engaged with their board and leadership. I’ve always held high esteem for the people who have helped pave the way for all of this to be possible for us. I believe that Shee Atiká can, and should do more for its shareholders regarding employment, training and localized/regionalized efforts. I believe in the power of our matrilineal society. Since being elected, I have advocated to keep our unique cultural values at the forefront of our decision making and have worked cohesively with all other directors, despite our differences. I listen and speak from the heart. I feel confident in our current board and am grateful to have served you all. I am grateful for the challenges I have endured and overcome. I wish to continue to serve our shareholders for another term so I can continue to help make improvements that our shareholders will feel. I recognize the need for change and believe now is the time. Please support me with your vote, I promise to fight for us.

Karen Dhillon

“Hello, fellow Shee Atiká Shareholders!  I am seeking to represent our beautiful people in our company because it is important to have people who care about you and want to listen. I am great at communicating and can relay your concerns and opinions to the rest of the board. I am interested in innovative and complex approaches to handling the business and promise my role as a board member will be to ensure your voice is heard.  I was born and raised in Alaska and am half Tlingit Alaskan Indian. I enjoyed graduating from High School and working many full time jobs in Alaska.  My background in Customer Service and as a business owner benefits me to work in this corporation. My heart is in Alaska and its people.  My desire is what is in the best interest for you and all shareholders. I am proud to say I am an original shareholder, which gives me personal insights to the corporation. I take pride in many community services and would love the chance to serve you as a board member. I wish you and your family a safe and prosperous New Year as we enter this new time.”

Norman Johnson

“Good morning shareholders of SAI. Want to take this time to share a little history of myself today. First I was born in Juneau, Alaska. Grew up in Sitka, Alaska. Graduated from Sitka High School in 1982. Son of Joe and Agnes Johnson Sr. Grandson to Ann Keener. Married to Sally Johnson for 23 years. Started working for ConocoPhillips (A.S.R.C. & Veco) for 10 years at the Kuparuk oil field on the Major Oil Projects Team, safety team and attended safety meetings every Sunday. Worked for Boeing in Renton, WA, for 5 years on the 737 MAX. Working Part-time for The Puyallup Tribe of Indians on special projects. Having a Great deal of Interest in SAI has come clear that A.N.C.S.A. is 50+ years old. Would like to see SAI around for the next 50+ and Beyond! And to really encourage the younger generation to take an interest in Math & Science. And to Most importantly listen to the shareholders of Shee Atiká Inc. After all we all own the Company, without us Shee Atiká Inc. wouldn’t be here today. Thank one and all for your consideration.”

Steven Karpstein

“My name is Steve Karpstein, and I am again running as a candidate for a board seat.  I am running with the same intentions I put forth last year, serving the shareholders’ interests, our corporation’s sustainability, growth, and most importantly the preservation of our culture. I believe we must stay vigilante and steadfast in maintaining the well-being of our shareholders and continue to invest in our future. To accomplish this requires a diverse board that brings new ideas and works together while allowing input and discussion before action is taken.  Every shareholder has a strong voice as it applies to our past and our future, we must listen and hear what they are saying and make decisions based on their input as it applies to business decisions that impact our future.  Our investments are key, and who we partner with and build the relationships with will ultimately show the path ahead and provide the needed revenue to sustain and grow our corporation.  I have been a business owner in the past and I currently work for a large multi-national corporation which will allow me to bring business and relationship skills to the table to foster and maintain the growth required to build success.  The current board is doing a great job refocusing our direction and has set in motion the opportunities for our success. I will bring fresh ideas, needed balance and business knowledge to the table to influence changes where required for continued growth and success.  I believe we will succeed and build a stronger corporation for all shareholders and their descendants, it is our corporation and I humbly ask for your vote to represent us and our future.”

Norman Nault

“My name is Norman Nault. I am Tlingit/Eagle, of the Kaagwaantaan, Kook Hit (Box House) My Tlingit name is Kochéin. I am a UW graduate where I attained a B.S. Degree in Fisheries and then a master’s degree in Business Administration in Finance. Presently I am Managing Director (CEO) of Pacifica Tinaax LLC, Business and Real Estate Consultants. My firm provides services in real estate development, business strategy and securing financing.  I also serve on the Kitsap Credit Union (KCU) Supervisory Committee (like a Board of Directors Sub-Committee). A member owned cooperative, KCU provides a full suite of personal and business financial services. KCU serves over 116,000 members located in WA State and has over $1.8 Billion in assets. Previously as Executive Director of the largest Indian Housing Authority in the NW, I managed 683 dwelling units, 80+ employees and an asset base of $67 Million. Moreover, as the Shee Atiká Controller/Property Manager, I managed all phases of the redevelopment of the four-story Totem Square Building into office/retail space. Since graduation, I’ve been dedicated to improving the economic well-being of Native Americans and Alaskan Natives. Over my career I have held increasingly responsible positions in the areas of commercial real estate lending, commercial real estate development, property management, management consulting and affordable housing. Several of these positions have been executive level positions. As a business professional I have managed or consulted to businesses from startups to mature businesses from a range of industries. As time passes, our shareholder family grows, and our corporation faces greater competitive pressures. I am qualified and committed to contributing to the evolution and growth of Shee Atiká so that we can: protect our land, preserve our cultures, and foster the social and economic wellbeing of our families. I respectfully ask for your vote. Gunalchéesh.”

Norma Perkins

“My Name is Norma J. Perkins, and I am excited to be running for a second board term for Shee Atiká, Inc. I was born and raised in Sitka and am the daughter of the late Raymond C. Perkins and Rosalie H. Perkins and adopted daughter of the late Lucille R. Perkins. My grandmother was the late Mary B. Perkins.  I hold a BA degree in Business Administration and successfully worked 34+ years at the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium where I began my professional career in Accounting/Finance, advancing to the position of Hospital Administrator.  I am currently retired and happy to be utilizing my knowledge and experience in support of our corporation. I am currently the Secretary of the board, and Chair of the Partnership Committee where we diligently work to foster and cultivate a culture of healthy working relationships within our corporation. The board is currently involved in establishing a manual of best practices for self-governance of the board and management team. I am proud to have been involved in the board approval of set values and behaviors, e.g., Trust, Respect and Commitment, which will be implemented throughout Shee Atiká operations. We are also working to enhance shareholder relations – positive changes coming soon. During my first board term I have seen positive financial growth thanks to an incredible management team, staff, and effective board.  My desire to help our corporation thrive and to bring a voice to the shareholders led me to run for a board seat. In 2019 I was elected on an independent proxy, and I am so thankful to all the shareholders who believed in me. If elected again, I will continue to support sustainable financial growth, work hard to improve accountability, honesty, and open communications, and most importantly, support you the shareholder. Gunalchéesh!”

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