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48th Annual Meeting Election Results

The Board of Directors of Shee Atiká, Incorporated held its 48th Annual Meeting of Shareholders on Saturday, May 21st at 10:00AM. Directors elected to serve a three-year term ending in 2025 include James Craig, Steven Karpstein, and Norma J. Perkins.  The Board then elected the following Officers: President/CEO – Karl Potts, Chairman – Rob Allen, Vice-Chairman – Roxanne Drake-Burkhart, Secretary – Norma J. Perkins, Assistant Secretary – Larry Garrity and Treasurer – Alysha Guthrie.

Voting Results for Director Election:

James Craig                          39,365 votes

Karen Dhillon                       22,442 votes

Norman Johnson                  22,461 votes

Steven Karpstein                  43,484 votes

Norman Nault                       33,434 votes

Norma J Perkins               114,752 votes

The Board and staff would like to thank Pam Steffes for her 15 years of service as a Shee Atiká Director, including as Chairman of the Board and Vice-Chairman of the Board. 

Thank you to all shareholders who took the time to vote.

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