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Katlian Road Project Update

November 9, 2022

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (AK DOT&PF) is working to construct a state-funded road project on Katlian Bay to increase recreational and subsistence opportunities on Baranof Island.

Known as the Katlian Bay Road Project, the road will consist of approximately nine miles of new single-lane, unpaved road with bridge crossings. Funding for the bridges was approved by the Alaska State Legislature and is awaiting final approval by the Governor.

The road will begin at the northern end of Halibut Point Road, extending east along the south shoreline of Katlian Bay, crossing the Katlian River, and ending four miles east of the Katlian Bay estuary at the boundary between Shee Atik√° lands and U.S. Forest Service lands.

The above map shows the area where AK DOT&PF is working with the contractor and the U.S. Forest Service to realign the road due to steep slopes. Despite facing some construction delays due to encountering more rock work than anticipated, road subgrade work has been completed. In 2023, activities will focus on completing the road through Segments 2-3, which mostly cross U.S. Forest Service lands. In 2024, the three major bridges and road are expected to be completed.