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2023 Board Candidate Information & Application

Download: 2023 SAI Candidate Package

Candidate package includes full instructions, important dates, frequently asked questions (FAQ), and full application.

2023 Election Process Highlights

  • You must be a Class A shareholder 18 years of age or older to run for the Shee Atiká Board.
  • You cannot run for the Board if (i) you are an officer or director of another ANCSA corporation; (ii) you are an employee or paid consultant of Shee Atiká, Incorporated or one of its related entities; (iii) you are a chairperson, council member, executive director, president, CEO, general manager, or serve in any other capacity where significant discretionary authority is exercised, for the Sitka Tribe of Alaska; or (iv) within the past seven (7) years you have been bankrupt, insolvent, had a receiver appointed for you, or been found guilty of a criminal offense (other than traffic violations or other minor offenses).
  • Class A shareholders who desire to have their name appear as a candidate in SAI’s election materials must comply with all requirements set forth in this packet and SAI’s Bylaws and must submit all materials to SAI so they are received on or before 5:00 p.m. local Sitka, AK time on February 24, 2023.
  • There will be no charge to any candidate for the inclusion of his or her information in SAI’s election materials. A candidate is responsible for all other expenses of their candidacy.
  • The State of Alaska has rules and regulations that apply to all candidates who run for election as a director of an ANCSA corporation. You can find a discussion of the applicable State of Alaska rules at the State of Alaska website concerning ANCSA corporations at and specifically in the booklet available from the State of Alaska through a link at such website entitled “Information for Shareholders of ANCSA Corporations”.
Instructions for Candidates

Under SAI’s election procedures, qualified Class A shareholders who want to have their information included in SAI’s proxy statement and on SAI’s corporate proxy must submit the following information. All candidates must submit all documents in the checklist below.

Submission Checklist

  • Your resumé, which should include employment, education, and other matters you consider significant
  • Attachment A: Application and Disclosure Statement
  • Attachment B: Personal Statement (in Word) and include optional digital photo (.jpg) for proxy statement
  • Attachment C: Consent to Background Check and Usage
  • Attachment D: Candidate Agreement