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2023 Annual Meeting Information

April 17, 2023

2023 Annual Meeting Information

It’s that time of year again! Check your mailbox for information and proxy materials for the upcoming 2023 Annual Meeting in Sitka. 

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Sitka Performing Arts Center 
1000 Lake St, Sitka, AK 99835
Sitka, Alaska

10 a.m. (ADT)

Please take the time to submit your proxy. By promptly submitting your proxy electronically or returning the blue paper proxy you can help us avoid the expense of sending follow-up letters to ensure a quorum.

Soon, you will receive the following information in the mail:

  • Annual Meeting Information Date, Time, Access Information, Purpose.
  • Candidates Candidate statements for each of the Candidates:  Laurence “Larry” Garrity, Alysha Guthrie, Alyssa London, Norman Nault, and G. Ken Truitt. 
  • Corporate Proxy Return Incentive Submit your corporate proxy before the proxy deadline and receive $25!
  • Annual Meeting Prizes Submit your proxy before the deadlines for a chance to win Early Bird and Electronic prizes.
  • Questions Submit your question(s) for the 2023 Annual Meeting.
  • Annual Meeting Documents Links to the Annual Report, Proxy Statement, Proxy, Voter Incentive, Prize Sheet, Instructions to watch the Live Stream of the Annual Meeting, and a Question Card.

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Notice of 49th Annual Meeting of Shee Atiká Shareholders 

Shee Atiká, Incorporated (herein “Shee Atiká” or “SAI”), an Alaska corporation with an address of 315 Lincoln Street, Suite 300, Sitka, Alaska, 99835, invites its shareholders to participate in the Forty-Ninth Annual Meeting which will be held at the Sitka Performing Arts Center in Sitka, Alaska on Saturday, May 20, 2023, beginning at approximately 10:00 a.m. ADT, for the following purposes:

  1. To hear a report on Shee Atiká’s operations for 2022.
  2. To elect three Directors whose terms shall expire at the Annual Meeting in 2026.
  3. To transact such other business as may be properly brought before the Meeting or any adjournment thereof. 

The record date for the Meeting is March 31, 2023, and only shareholders holding Class A voting stock as of 5:00 p.m. ADT on such date are eligible to vote at the Meeting or any adjournment thereof. Shareholders with non-voting Class B stock may attend the Meeting, but will not be able to vote.

Class A Shareholders attending the Meeting will be able to receive ballots following registration.  Registration will begin at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 20, 2023.



By:  Norma J. Perkins, Secretary, Shee Atiká, Incorporated

Candidates for Election

Laurence “Larry” Garrity
“Kichnaalx yóo xat duwasáakw, Deisheetaan áyá xat, Tukka Hit dax xat sitee, Kiks.ádi dachxán áyá xat. My name is Laurence “Larry” Garrity, raised in Sitka, grandson of the late John and Mabel Didrickson, son of the late Joni Lewis, and proud father of many daughters.As one of the original Gájaa Héen Dancers blessed to learn from elders who shared, I felt the call to give back by instructing dance with the Sheet’ká Kwáan Dancers, teaching the way Charlie Joseph, Sr. taught, to preserve our traditional ways.

At Shee Atika, the addition of more government contracts helped us move toward financial stability and profitability. Elected in 2017 as the first in a slew of independent candidates since, Directors have worked to make ours a respectable Board with trustworthy business practices – a corporation that other businesses want to work with. The change of our investment company to Mesirow Financial has also proved a positive change for our company, providing long-term stability. Our challenge now is to sustain the long-term goal of financial stability, not only for the sake of distributions in the now, but also for our grandchildren and great grandchildren. We still have big decisions to make when it comes to our remaining land in Katlian Bay, where the state road being built will allow easier access.

As the current longest-serving board member, with the collaboration and hard work of the existing board, I am proud of the steps we have taken. Though not “there” yet, with a board more firmly rooted in our traditional value of respect, even amid conflict, we are heading in the right direction. I am asking for your vote and would be humbled to be able to continue the work toward positive changes in our corporation for our shareholders, and generations to come. Gunalchéesh.”

Note: On May 8, 2017, Mr. Garrity entered Consent Decree #17-103-2-S with the State of Alaska, Division of Banking & Securities agreeing that Mr. Garrity had violated certain securities laws during his campaign for election to the Board of Directors at the 2017 Annual Meeting. At such time he was an independent candidate for election to the Board of Directors and was not a participant in the Board’s proxy solicitation. This disclosure concerning Mr. Garrity is required by 3 AAC 08.345(b)(1)(G).

Alysha Guthrie
“I grew up in Sitka with my parents Rick and Kathy Paden. I hold an undergraduate degree in marketing and a Master of Business Administration in Finance and International Business. I live in Juneau with my daughter, Amara.I ran for the board my first term knowing that Shee Atika was in a great position to make positive changes. I wanted to contribute to expanding business operations, provide additional opportunities for shareholders, and increase transparency and shareholder engagement.

I want to thank you. I’m grateful to have been elected to be that voice in the board room. I have had the honor and privilege to serve as the Treasurer and Chair the Finance and Audit Committee over the last two years. Our Committee works closely with our executive leadership to provide a deeper financial review as our government contracting has seen significant growth.

Our current board is fully engaged and has worked tirelessly to set a strategic direction for sustainable growth that ensures a strong company for our future generations:

  • We have built a strong management and board partnership.
  • We are committed to operate in our values to fulfill our fiduciary responsibility.

We have an incredible leadership team and we’re on the right path, heading in the right direction. 2022 brought challenges, some anticipated with our growth, and some unanticipated with key leadership changes. Through it all, I am proud of the work we have accomplished as a team that is committed to excellence, accountability, and respect.
I would love the opportunity to continue the work that we have started. We have laid the foundation for sustainable operations success with a redefined long-term vision that is guided by our values.

I ask for your vote to reappoint me to serve as your board director for Shee Atika.

Gunalcheesh, thank you for your trust and support.”

Alyssa London
“I am a Tlingit tribal member, and shareholder of Shee Atika and Sealaska. I am the granddaughter of Ernest H. Boyd (Tlingit), and the daughter of J. Tate London (Tlingit) and Debi London. I am a member of the Eagle-Killerwhale Clan and the Killerwhale Chasing Seal House of Angoon, Alaska.My Tlingit name is Yax Adi Yeidi, meaning Valuable Child, the name of Alaska Native Sisterhood (ANS) activist Amy Hallingstad. My name was given to me by Clarence Jackson. My great-grandmother Lucille Boyd of Angoon, Sitka and Ketchikan was also a member of ANS.

I graduated with honors from Stanford University in 2012. I became the first Tlingit Miss Alaska USA and finalist at Miss USA in 2017. I am also the first Native Contributor for NBC and MSNBC. I am also the host of “The Culture Is: Indigenous Women” special airing June 2023 on MSNBC and streaming on Peacock.

Prior to becoming Miss Alaska USA, I worked as a Worldwide Partner Marketing Manager for Microsoft Corporation, and was part of their Microsoft Accelerated College Hire training program (MACH). That program laid the foundation for my background in marketing and business.

I am an executive communications coach for the CEO of the Dine Development Corporation. I craft and shape the delivery of various external and internal communications. I am an author of a children’s book, Journey of the Freckled Indian: A Tlingit Culture Story. The United Talent Agency represents me as a professional speaker, host and author.

I seek to be of service to Shee Atika as a board member. I offer my experiences and perspectives as an individual with a unique personal and professional career path. Thank you/ Gunalcheesh for your consideration.”

Norman Nault
“My name is Norman Nault. I am Tlingit/Eagle, of the Kaagwaantaan, Kook Hit (Box House) My Tlingit name is Kochéin. I am a UW graduate where I attained a B.S. Degree in Fisheries and then a master’s degree in Business Administration in Finance.Presently I am Managing Director (CEO) of Pacifica Tinaax LLC, Business and Real Estate Consultants. My firm provides services in real estate development, business strategy and securing financing. I also serve on the Kitsap Credit Union (KCU) Supervisory Committee (like a Board of Directors Sub-Committee). A member owned cooperative, KCU provides a full suite of personal and business financial services. KCU serves over 116,000 members located in WA State and has over $1.8 Billion in assets.

Previously as Executive Director of the largest Indian Housing Authority in the NW, I managed 683 dwelling units, 80+ employees and an asset base of $67 Million. Moreover, as the Shee Atiká Controller/Property Manager, I managed all phases of the redevelopment of the four-story Totem Square Building into office/retail space.

Since graduation, I’ve been dedicated to improving the economic well-being of Native Americans and Alaskan Natives. Over my career I have held increasingly responsible positions in the areas of commercial real estate lending, commercial real estate development, property management, management consulting and affordable housing. Several of these positions have been executive level positions. As a business professional I have managed or consulted to businesses from startups to mature businesses from a range of industries.

As time passes, our shareholder family grows, and our corporation faces greater competitive pressures. I am qualified and committed to contributing to the evolution and growth of Shee Atiká so that we can: protect our land, preserve our cultures, and foster the social and economic wellbeing of our families. I respectfully ask for your vote. Gunalchéesh.”

G. Ken Truitt
“My name is Ken Truitt. My full name is George Kenneth Truitt. My Tlingit names are Kadashan and Tuk´ Sāēk. These are James and Howard family names that I am proud to have been given. My parents are the late Gilbert and Shirley Truitt. Since returning to Alaska after finishing my education, I have lived in Juneau with my wife Charlotte, and together we have raised our family of four daughters Madison, Marissa, Sydney, and Elena.I have worked my entire life to be a qualified professional and to be in positions to contribute to the improvement of Alaska native peoples. I worked hard to get through college, then law school and I have worked hard professionally to be at this point in my life where I can contribute to Shee Atiká by serving on its board of directors. My combination of legal, management, and Alaska public policy experience will help me serve all shareholders in this capacity, should you continue to allow me this great honor.

Now more than ever for us as Southeast Alaska’s first peoples, the institutions that represent our inheritance and way of life, specifically Shee Atiká, must be financially secure in order to preserve our culture and our values. I am committed to continue to work hard so that Shee Atiká can return to profitability and become a company that creates opportunity for shareholders beyond dividend checks.

I continue to be committed to positive change and increasing transparency in Shee Atiká operations and practices. We as shareholders have to know that Shee Atiká is working with our best interests in mind. And the best way we can know that is if the board and management communicate honestly and transparently about Shee Atiká’s operations and finances.

Gunalchéesh, thank you for this opportunity to serve you.”

Please take the time to submit your corporate proxy

Corporate Proxy Return Incentive


 If your corporate proxy is received by the proxy deadline of Thursday, May 18, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. ADT, and you meet all other requirements below, you will receive $25 by check after the 2023 Annual Meeting.


  1. Only voting shareholders of record at 5:00 p.m. ADT on March 31, 2023, are eligible.
  2. You must submit a valid proxy solicited by the Board of Directors (the “Corporate Proxy”) either electronically or in paper form. Your Corporate Proxy must be received by the Inspector of Election by 5:00 p.m. ADT on May 18, 2023.
  3. The Corporate Proxy must be valid for use with regard to the 2023 Annual Meeting.
  4. The shareholder must submit a Corporate Proxy with regard to all (and not just some) of his or her Shee Atiká shares.
  5. The Corporate Proxy must be the only valid proxy submitted by the shareholder for the 2023 Annual Meeting.
  6. In addition to the Corporate Proxy Return Incentive, shareholders can qualify for the Early Bird and the Electronic Proxy prize drawings.
  7. Each shareholder is eligible for only one Corporate Proxy Return Incentive, no matter how many times that shareholder submits a proxy. However, shareholders who submit proxies in different statuses (for example, once as to the shares he or she owns outright, and once as a custodian for a child) is eligible for a Corporate Proxy Return Incentive in each such status.
  8. The Corporate Proxy Return Incentive will be paid as soon as practicable after the 2023 Annual Meeting.

2023 Annual Meeting Prizes

Submit your Shee Atiká proxy for the chances to win Annual Meeting prizes. 

Early Bird Prizes: Submit your Shee Atiká Proxy electronically or in paper form. Must be received by May 8, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. ADT.

Electronic Proxy Prizes: Submit your Shee Atiká Proxy electronically at Must be received by the proxy deadline of May 18, 2023, at 5:00 pm ADT.

$10,000 IN PRIZES
Electronic or Paper Proxies
Received by 5/8/23
 Submitted at
by 5/18/23
$5,000 in Prizes
$1,000 Prize (1)
$500 Prizes (2)
$100 Prizes (30)
$5,000 in Prizes
$1,000 Prize (1)
$500 Prizes (2)
$100 Prizes (30)
Shareholders can be eligible to win one prize from each prize drawing!


  1. Shee Atiká Directors, Officers, Candidates, or any of their respective immediate family members residing with them, or staff members are not eligible for either the Early Bird or Electronic Proxy prizes. 
  2. Only shareholders of record owning voting stock at 5:00 p.m. ADT on March 31, 2023 are eligible. 
  3. For Early Bird Prizes: You must submit a valid paper or electronic proxy so that it is received by the Inspector of Elections by 5:00 p.m. ADT on May 8, 2023 and it must remain valid for use with regard to the 2023 Annual Meeting. 
  4. For Electronic Proxy Prizes: You must submit a valid electronic proxy at by 5:00 p.m. ADT on May 18, 2023 and it must remain valid for use with regard to the 2023 Annual Meeting. 
  5. Shareholders can qualify for both the Early Bird and the Electronic Proxy prizes and can be eligible to win one prize from each drawing. 
  6. The drawings for both the Early Bird and Electronic Proxy drawings will be held prior to the 2023 Annual Meeting. You do not have to be present to win. 

You have 33 chances to win if you submit your proxy early
PLUS an ADDITIONAL 33 chances to win if you submit your proxy electronically!

Have Questions?

Do you have a question for the 2023 Annual Meeting? If so, you can submit in one of the following ways:

  1. Go to and submit a question via the Contact Us page providing the information below.
  2. Email with the information provided below in the Question Card:
    • Shareholder Name (first and last)
    • Last 4 digits of Social Security Number
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Question

Although not all questions may be answered during the 2023 Annual Meeting, all questions will be answered directly by email/mail after the meeting.

Annual Meeting Documents

Please take the time to submit your corporate proxy

Upcoming Important Dates

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Proxy Materials and Annual Report Mailed to Shareholders April 17 
Early Bird DeadlineMay 8
Proxy Return Deadline May 18
Annual Shareholder MeetingMay 20 

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