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2023 SAFE Distribution Declared

November 17, 2023


Fellow Shareholders,

At its regular meeting on November 17, 2023, the Board of Trustees of Shee Atiká Fund Endowment (SAFE) approved a 2023 distribution for trustees (shareholders) in the amount of $6.00/unit (share).

Shareholders of record on Thursday, November 30, 2023, are eligible to receive the distribution. Eligible shareholders with direct deposit will receive their funds on December 8, 2023. Checks will be mailed on December 11, 2023.

Direct Deposit Options

Whether you’re a Shee Atiká shareholder in Sitka, Seattle, or St. Augustine, we’ve all noticed the increased cost of everything from groceries to gas this past year. Inflation and decades-high interest rates continue to impact our national economy and everyday lives, including Shee Atiká’s investment portfolio. Despite the sustained market volatility, this year’s distribution reflects our dedication to maximizing shareholder value while maintaining a strong financial position. We are pleased to provide the same distribution amount per share as 2022.

At Shee Atiká, our mission is to deliver meaningful value to our shareholders, people, partners, and customers. We appreciate the continued support and confidence you have placed in us as your board as we continue a path of strong, stable growth for generations to come.


Steve Karpstein
Board Chair, Shee Atiká

Shee Atiká Board of Directors: Steve Karpstein (Chair), Roxanne Drake-Burkhart (Vice-Chair), Norma J. Perkins (Secretary), Ken Truitt (Treasurer), Rob Allen, James Craig, Lowell Frank, Larry Garrity, and Alysha Guthrie. Learn more

How is the distribution amount determined?

The distribution amount must be between 75% to 100% of annual net cash income from the SAFE Trust. The percentage within that range is determined by the SAFE Board of Trustees annually. SAFE owns real estate in Colorado as well as the majority of the invested funds at Shee Atiká Investments, LLC. These two sources make up the net cash income used to determine the distribution amount. Revenue from Shee Atiká, Inc.’s other operations are not calculated in the distribution amount at this time.