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Complete your stock will to win Cash! Until April!

The Testamentary Disposition form (TD), is essentially a “Will” for your Shee Atiká shares. Successfully sending in your Testamentary Disposition (TD) is an opportunity for you to give Shee Atiká direction on where you want your Shee Atiká shares to go upon your death. If you don’t have one on file, the corporation must transfer your shares in accordance with Alaska law, which may or may not be what you want. Please take the time to submit a TD for the first time. Or, if you already have one on file, contact the office to ensure the beneficiaries you named are still in alignment with your wishes.

All of our shareholders who have submitted their form to us successfully, will be entered to win cash prizes at the end of January, February, March, and April.

We are awarding one $100 prize, and five $50 prizes to 6 winners each month!

The last day to submit your completed TD for a chance to win prizes is April 30th, 2024 at 5pm, Alaska Time. 

To access the TD form please click HERE.

We have notary services at our corporate office.

Physical & Mailing Address
Shee Atiká Incorporated
315 Lincoln Street, Suite 300
Sitka, Alaska 99835-7579

Main: (907) 747-3534
Toll Free: (800) 478-3534
Fax: (907) 747-5727

Feel free to email for questions or inquiries regarding this contest

January Winners

$50 Winners – Earl Williams Jr., Frank Hill, Geri Anderson, Holly Eickhoff, Jean Abada

$100 Winner – Patrick Young

February Winners

$50 Winners – Raelene Randall, Tally Carlson, Mistie Austin, Sally Ehmke, George William Howard

$100 Winner – Robert Quick